become a bone marrow donor

Alice Pyne is a 15 year old girl who will lose the fight against cancer. she created a bucket list of things she wants to do in her life and the first wish on her list is:

“to make everyone sign up to be a bone marrow donor”

why is that so important?

people suffering from leukemia have dysfunctional stem cells in their bone marrow leading to large impacts not only on the immune system. it is (in certain cases) possible to treat these patients with a transplantation of stem cells from another person if the donor has a tissue type that matches the recipient. but due to the tissue’s complexity the chance to find a ‘genetic twin’ for a leukemia patient varies from 1:20000 to several million – so finding a bone marrow match can be as difficult as looking for a needle in a bundle of hay.

by signing up to be a bone marrow donor your tissue traits will be determined and registered in a bone marrow data base. worldwide network of all data bases enables to search for matching donors all over the world – by now there are a total of about 18 million registered donors. but the more the merrier – because still a lot of patients don’t find a matching donor.

if you want to register as a potential bone marrow donor you’ll find more information here:

there are data bases in about 47 countries worldwide. if there is none in your country (for example in luxemburg) you can sign up in the data bases of your neighboring countries. Go ahead – it could save the life of a patient in need.